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Keynote Speakers

도널드 노먼(Donald Norman) 교수

  • 도널드 노먼 교수
  • 발표 주제 : The Design of Everyday Things, Revised and Expanded for the 21st century
  • 발표 시간 : 2014. 02. 13(목) 17:00 ~ 18:30
  • Company advisor and board member;
    Keynote speaker;
    Author of books and columns.
  • 2010
    • 카이스트 산업디자인학과 초빙교수
    • 미국 노스웨스턴대학교 컴퓨터과학과 명예교수
    • 미국 캘리포니아대학교 샌디에이고캠퍼스 인지과학과 명예교수
    • IDEO 이사
  • 1998
    • 닐슨노먼그룹 공동 설립
  • 1995
    • 애플 컴퓨터 선행기술담당 부사장
    • 미국 캘리포니아대학교 샌디에이고캠퍼스 인지과학과 초대 학장
    • 미국 캘리포니아대학교 샌디에이고캠퍼스 심리학과 조교수
  • My formal education is in Electrical Engineering and Psychology. I've served as a faculty member at Harvard, University of California, San Diego, Northwestern, and KAIST (South Korea). I've also worked in industry as a VP at Apple and an executive at HP and a startup). Today my emphasis is on helping technology companies structure their product lines and business. My major emphasis is design strategy: how designers and design thinking can help drive both incremental and radical innovation within the company.
    I've retired twice, once from the University of California, San Diego (where I was founder and chair of the department of Cognitive Science) and once from Northwestern University, where i was a professor of Computer Science and Design, co-directing the MMM dual degree program between the School of Engineering and the Kellogg School of Management, a program that gave students both an MBA and engineering degree, with the focus on design and operation.
    I am co-founder and principal of the User Experience/Usability consulting firm, the Nielsen Norman group, which is the home for my consulting and keynote talks. I'm an IDEO fellow and a member of the Board of Trustees of IIT's Institute of Design in Chicago. My latest books are "Living with Complexity" and "The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded."

스티븐 브루스터(Stephen Brewster) 교수

  • 스티븐 브루스터 교수
  • 발표 주제 : New ways to design haptic interactions
  • 발표 시간 : 2014. 02. 12(수) 15:00 ~ 16:00
  • CHI 2014 Paper Chair(논문 선발 총 책임자)
  • Stephen Brewster is a Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, UK. He runs the internationally leading Multimodal Interaction Group. His research focuses on multimodal HCI, or using multiple sensory modalities and control mechanisms (particularly hearing, touch and gesture) to create a rich, natural interaction between human and computer. His work has a strong experimental focus, applying perceptual research to practical situations. A long term focus has been on mobile interaction and how we can design better user interfaces for users who are on the move. He pioneered the study of non-speech audio and haptic interaction for mobile devices with work starting in the 1990's. He has authored over 250 papers and has 14 best paper awards at conferences such as ACM CHI and ACM MobileHCI.

홍탄(Hong Z. Tan) 박사

  • 홍탄 교수
  • 발표 주제 : Fingertip Haptics and its Application in Keyclick Feedback for Typing on Flat Keyboards
  • 발표 시간 : 2014. 02. 14(금) 9:00 ~ 10:00
  • Abstract :
    In this talk, I will provide an overview of ongoing research at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) on haptic technologies that bring touch feedback sensations to the fingertips, as opposed to shaking up a whole device. I will then cover several ongoing projects for restoring haptic feedback on touch screens, with the specific aim of improving touch typing experience on flat keyboards. It is hoped that the talk will stimulate discussions on a future of human computer interaction where we touch a screen and the screen touches us back.
  • Bio :
    Hong Z Tan is a Senior Researcher and Research Manager with the Human Computer Interaction Group at Microsoft Research Asia, and a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. She is known internationally as a leading expert on haptics psychophysics, taking a perception-based approach to solving engineering problems. She received her Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She earned her Master and Doctorate degrees, both in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She was a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab before joining the faculty at Purdue's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1998. She has held a McDonnell Visiting Fellowship at Oxford University, a Visiting Associate Professorship in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University, a Guest Researcher position in the Institute of Life Science and Technology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and a Visiting Researcher position at Microsoft Research Asia. She currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the World Haptics Conference Editorial Board and a member of the management committee for IEEE Transactions on Haptics. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/people/hongtan/

이상묵 교수

  • 이상묵 교수
  • 발표 주제 : Open Online Education As a Means for Improving the Quality of Lives for All
  • 발표 시간 : 2014. 02. 13(목) 9:00 ~ 10:00
  • Abstract :
    Some people go as far as to claim that computer is a gift of god for people with disability. As a quadriplegic person paralyzed neck down as a result of sudden accident and yet who manages to conduct competitive research in earth science, there may not be a better example of this statement than I. In addition, the recent advances in open online education (such as OCW, MOOC, edX) offer new opportunities for people with disability. One of the important challenges for those with disability, sometimes more than the handicap itself, is that they are shut out from systematic education, and in the end, it is this lack of education that can be a limiting factor in one's life. Online education can be one of many tools for nondisabled students, and while its effectiveness can be debated among educators and those alike, it can be the only means of accessing information for people with severe disability. Thus it should be explored and investigated further. In Korea, we are developing new online technology and inclusive contents for people with disability, especially in the areas of STEM education for college and precollege level learning. We believe that this is a step towards so-called universal design in higher education and independent living. Furthermore, it is expected that our innovative approach will not only help people with disability but also reach out to a wider community of general mass, including those that are willing to take extra effort to master college-level online courses, improve their scientific skills and expand their knowledge base, which will in turn lead to new job opportunities in this knowledge-based economy and society. We are living in an exciting time in human history where for the first time we can 'know' things around us, and this knowledge of our position in the universe will undoubtedly enhance the quality of life for all of us.
  • Bio :
  • 2013~1981
    • 2011 서울특별시 복지상 장애인 분야 대상
    • 2011.07 ~ 현재 국립재활원 홍보대사
    • 2011.03 ~ 현재 서울대학교 계산과학연합전공 주임교수 차세대융합기술연구원 함께 사는 기술연구소장
    • 2010.06.~현재 지식경제부 기술혁신사업 'QoLT(Quality of Life Technology) 산업기술기반센터 구축사업' 총괄책임자 및 센터장
    • 2010.05.~2012.02. 한국과학기술한림원 융합과학기술위원회 위원
    • 2009.11.~현재 대통령직속 국가정보화전략위원회 위원
    • 2009.11.~2011.10. 서울대학교 차세대융합기술원 함께사는기술연구소 소장
    • 1986.09~1995.02. 미국 메사추세츠 공과대학(MIT)/우드홀(Woods Hole) 해양연구소 해양학 이학박사
    • 1981.03~1985.02. 서울대학교 해양학 이학사



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