Various Programs

Panel Discussion

The panel discussion is a platform for in-depth discussion, where experts in the field share their professional
views and experience on certain topics with the audience. All participants can actively join the discussion,
which lasts for an hour or two, by raising questions for panelists or casting votes for a proposal.
The diverse ideas and values on ongoing HCI issues are expected to generate positive solutions.


The workshop program provides further examination of specific issues and provides hands-on practice.
The organizers’ active participation is highly welcomed. If you would like to experience new HCI technologies and trends, please feel free to sign up for the program

Case Study

The case study program introduces practical knowledge by presenting and discussing various HCI case studies, research, education, and policies in the industry. During the 80-minute in-depth program, participants can
exchange ideas and understand progress in HCI basic research, the business model, the innovation lab,
application technology, and product development.


The tutorial features professional lectures on hot HCI topics in academic and industrial circles. The program
consists of special sessions and invitational sessions providing knowledge about various techniques for
research and about business projects.

Doctoral Consortium

In the doctoral consortium, recently graduated doctors and students in doctoral degree programs present
their study results and exchange feedback on their works. Fifteen minutes for presentations and ten minutes
for Q&A sessions will be given to each presenter so that they can discuss their work and seek advice and
encouragement from other researchers and experts.