Letter of Invitation

As we have grasped interaction as a core component connecting people and computerized devices,
the world is now dramatically infusing interaction with data, processes, and computerized things
as well as people, shifting to a new era of the Interaction of Everything (IoE).

We believe that the upcoming era of IoE, given the drive towards IoE, will boost the values of HCI at both
the personal and social level.

At a personal level, personal values will be more about seeking and activating IoE to enhance human
cognitive, emotional, and life experiences rather than consuming electronic and information technology
products. At a social level, socially sustainable economic values will be generated with the ability of using
IoE technologies to address issues like human intelligence, health care, education, environment, and
wellbeing rather than smartphones, telecoms, automobiles, and information technologies themselves.

At HCI Korea 2015 in Seoul, you are cordially invited to challenge the beautiful chaotic beginning of
IoE era with researchers and practitioners from all over the world. HCI Korea 2015 in Seoul will help
your hearts browse what is invisible to your eyes.

HCI KOREA 2015 Organizing Committee General Co-Chair

  • Technology
    Hwanyong, Lee
    3D Convergence Center,
    Kyungpook National University
  • Design
    Hyunjhin, Lee
    College of Arts and Design
    Hongik University
  • Humanities
    Kwangsu, Cho
    Graduate School of Information
    Yonsei University