HCI Kids is a very popular program among family participants. It is an exhibition for children (from 5 years
old to elementary school students). The program is composed of educational programs, interactive toys,
and digital game environments where children can play by themselves. You can apply for apps for smart
phones & pads for children, educational contents for smart TV, game contents for children, educational
contents of augmented reality, downloadable contents for hands-on experience and other various
creative ideas.
Those selected through a pre-deliberation process are given opportunities to hold exhibitions during the
HCIK2016 event. Through on-site deliberation, a best prize, an excellence prize and two runner-up prizes
will be granted. Award winners will receive prize money and certificates.

How to apply for HCI♥KIDS

If you want to apply for programs or products that combine HCI technology with child education and play,
please fill out a form and send it to hci@hcikorea.org (secretariat) or to the organizing committee member
in charge by November 30.

Organizing committee members of HCI♥KIDS program

Organizing committee members of HCI♥KIDS program
Member Organization Email
Geon Dong Kim Hongik University geon705@gmail.com
Jaewook Shin Donga University jwook.shin@gmail.com