INTERMISSION 낙서(樂書) |Letter of Invitation

Now that Everything Is Connected, HCI has attracted a wide array of diverse research fields.
This borderless expansion, which even includes finance, city design, healthcare, and public welfare,
is sparking progressive fusion. The field of HCI is now everywhere and is in everything.
At the brink of the next phase of HCI, let's take a break and think about what HCI really is
all about and to which direction we should evolve. That's why we call this year's theme "INTERMISSION."
We invite you to join HCI's INTERMISSION Party, share your thoughts and creatively collaborate for the
exciting and brand-new stage of HCI.

HCI KOREA 2016 Organizing Committee General Co-Chair

  • Technology
    Geehyuk Lee
  • Design
    Minyoung Choi
    Sungshin Women's University
  • Humanities
    Jeongyun Heo
    Kookmin University

HCI KOREA 2016 Organizing Committee Program Chairs

  • Technology
    Seokhee Jeon
    Kyung Hee University
  • Design
    Nam Choon Park
    Seoul Women's University
  • Humanities
    Hoekyung Jung