Digital AnimationTheater

The HCI KOREA 2015 Digital Animation Theater will show two types of artwork – those of professionals
and those of students and the general public. As for professionals, high-quality works of motion graphics or
animation companies will be shown. As for works of students and the general public, a best prize,
an excellence prize and a runner-up prize will be granted along with prize money, and the artworks will be
shown during the event period.

Schedule Information of Digital Animation Theater

  1. 1. Application deadline: application form submission – November 15 2014, artwork submission
    – November22, 2014
  2. 2. Eligibility : 2-year or 4-year college students and graduate students, students on a leave of absence
    from university, the general public
  3. 3. Category :
    • - Animation (Digital or post-processed artwork)
    • - Motion graphics
    (Movie title, Teaser, Motion branding, Promotion video clip, Music video, Public service ads/commercials,
    Campaign, Digital installation, Projection mapping, etc.) Free format and theme with a 3-minute length.
    Digitally produced works with visual effects. (As for digital installation and projection mapping works,
    a combination of original files and installed images should be submitted).
  4. 4. How to apply:
    • - Individual: Download a form and send it to the organizing committee member in charge or to the
    • - Group: Same as individual applications. Two or more people can apply. Please list names of participants
      and leader.
  5. 5. Format:
    • - 1280 x 720 or 640 x 480. Quicktime or avi file with zipped H.264
    • - Please refer to the application form for web hardware submission information.
  6. 6. File name:
    ※ If you apply for animation theater, fill out a form and send it to (secretariat)
    or to an organizing committee member by November 15.

Organizing committee members of Digital Animation Theater Program

Organizing committee members of Digital Animation Theater Program
Member Organization Email
Jin Hyun Park Kaywon University of
Art & Design
Jong Min Kim Hongik University