Paper program

HCI Korea 2015’s paper program features technical papers on diverse areas related to HCI, including
technology, design, humanity, and social science. HCI Korea 2015 plans to solicit contributions in three

  • 1. Full Paper (Korean, 5~8 pages)

  • 2. Full Paper (English, 5~8 pages)

  • 3. Extended Abstract (Korean, 2 pages)

    1. All papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
      • Additionally, all full papers will appear in ACM Digital Library. However, upon request an accepted
        full paper may not be uploaded to the Digital Library and published only in the conference proceeding.
      • All full papers are recommended to be orally presented in the conference, and an additional
        interactive poster presentation is also optional.
      • All extended abstracts can be presented either in the oral session or the interactive poster session,
        depending on the authors’ preference.   

    How to submit your paper

    1) Paper submission

    • Papers should be submitted using the paper submission site below. Please use the paper templates
    below for your manuscript. We only accept PDF files, so convert your manuscript to PDF for uploading.

    * Paper creation format
    1. Full paper Form Download (in Korean, from 5 to 8 pages)
    2. Full paper Form Download (in English, from 5 to 8 pages)
    3. Extended Abstract Form Download       (in Korean, 2 pages)

    1. 1) HCI Korea uses a double-blind review process for paper selection in all categories. 
      Please suppress all the author-related information, e.g., authors’ name, affiliation, and self-citation,
      in your manuscript for review.
    2. 2) If you have an inquiry, please contact the secretariat at

    * Please check the paper submission deadline so that you can prepare early.

    2) Paper review and result notification

    All submitted papers will be carefully reviewed by the program committee, and acceptance notification
    will be announced on the submission site after October 6. through email and through the website.

    3) Final paper submission

    Please submit your final paper through the online submission site by October 23 (Thursday). 

    Organizing committee members for paper program

    Organizing committee members for paper program
    Program Chair
    Seokhee Jeon Kyunghee University
    HyungSeok Kim Konkuk University
    Program Chair
    Younghwan Pan Kookmin University
    Joon Sang Baek UNIST
    Program Chair
    (Humanities &
    Social Science)
    Joong shik Lee Seoul National University
    Woo Hyun Jung Chungbuk National University

    Best Paper Award

    All the papers presented at the conference are evaluated by each session chair and can be recommended
    as excellent papers. Through a deliberation process, judges will select excellent papers among